Ishow NY Productions & Yajaira Paredes


Sun. 10/26


by Gustavo Ott

Directed by Alfonso Rey

With Noelle Mauri, Mafer Rodriguez and Yajaira Paredes

Teatro Ateneo Miami


Passport, by Gustavo Ott is a play about the Kafkaesque trip of a woman whose communication attempts are answered with a nightmare of mistrust and confusion.

This current and poetic play shows that arbitrariness is not only an issue of the third world countries. By going through the Venezuelan National Guard excess of power, the prison of Abu Ghraib Iraq, and following with the way immigrants are treated on the border or stopped in their small boats, “Passport” questions the subjects of identity and the idea that our worst actions are exactly those that we accept as customary and common in our lives.

Passport presents the Kafkaesque climate of hidden forces that muzzle, block, and finally destroy the individual. 


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