Ten award-winning short films featured reality and fantasy, and Venezuelans unique capacity to find beauty, humor and hope even in the darkest moments.

In 2011, more than 120 guests attended a one of a kind screening of some of the most successful Venezuelan short films of the past decade. Tribeca Cinemas and the VAF-NY welcomed actors, directors, producers, writers, musicians, photographers, and the general public to what became a great platform for Venezuelan filmmakers to show their work in New York City.

 The ten participating short films were:

Happy Endings by Marcel Rasquin

La Uva by Alexandra Henao

She is the One by Luis Carlos Hueck

La Playa by Virginia Urreiztieta

Tio Rico by Alexis Gambis

Lucy & Ricky by Jesús Rodríguez

Mar Blindado by Gerard Uzcátegui

Jesús TV by Gastón Goldmann

900 pánico by Hernán Jabes

Jagger by Gabriel Flores.


If you want to see a little piece of what was this great event, You can enjoy “Happy Endings” by Marcel Rasquin:

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