There is something truly magical about the right mix of unconventional photographers, models and production team, and the Venezuelan Art Festival found the perfect formula to create magic and showcase the infinite talent that our country has to offer.

We decided to shoot a series of pictures highlighting young Venezuelan artists, and this time you can enjoy History being made! Mr. Marcel Rasquin, Venezuela’s most famous Film and Adv director shows his talent, for the first time, as a photographer, side by side with his business partner, the equally renown and talented Adv director Joe Torres, accepting the challenge of photographing some of Venezuela’s top young actors and singers.

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On one hand, there is the “New Generation”, including those young artists that took on the job of continuing the artistic legacy of their parents. In these unprecedented pictures you’ll find the sort of mystical beauty and passion of the talented Josette Vidal, — actress, and currently training in singing and dancing, daughter of the famous actress Julie Restifo and Actor,Director and Playwright Javier Vidal — the powerful and disciplined eyes of Ximena Borges — lyrical Singer, daughter of internationally known artist Jacobo Borges, and sculptor Diana Carvallo — and our own Broadway lead actor and dancer, George Akram — son of Cirque Du Soleil lead dancer Antonio Drija and famous choreographer Anita Vivas— with his smooth moves and his winner smile.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy pictures of two of the few actors that have taken the risk of bringing Broadway plays to life in Venezuela. The very handsome and fearless Christian McGaffney is already admired and loved by the whole country thanks to his passion and authenticity portraying the character of Andy in the Venezuelan production of High — by Matthew Lombardo —, and Andrea Sousa, a talented young lady with huge charisma and a voice that is capable of destroying boundaries, she won everyone’s heart by playing Grace Farrell in the Venezuelan production of the famous musical Annie.


At the end of the day, what really matters about these pictures is that everyone involved in this project, in front or behind the camera, are Venezuelan artists working hard to make our country proud inside and outside of our borders, and every single day we are closer to the goal of promoting Venezuelan art in every corner of the world.  We hope you enjoy seeing through Marcel and Joe’s lens for this very first time, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy some interviews and more wonderful pictures of these extraordinary young Venezuelan artists.


P.S.: Since the Venezuelan Art Festival is only as amazing as the team of people behind every project and crazy idea, we want to give our infinite thanks to our friends from TARBAY (Venezuelan Design Brand – Shoes and accessories, Women Ready To Wear), our friends at Constanza Oquendo (Venezuelan Design Brand – Women Ready To Wear), and our partners in crime from Hello Tres, Welcome to the VAF Family!.

More pictures: click here

Caracas, 2013


Photography by: Marcel Rasquin (@marcelrasquin) & Joe Torres (@elhijodeofelia)

Clothing (Women): Constanza Oquendo (@constanzaoquendopr)

Shoes (Women and Men) and Accessories (Women): TARBAY (@TARBAY)

Art Direction: Marcel Rasquin (@marcelrasquin), Joe Torres (@elhijodeofelia) , Victoria Mora (@missvmora)

Production: Marcos Purroy (@marcospurroy) & Marco Purroy Jr. (@mpurroy)

Fashion Production: Victoria Mora (@missvmora)

Hair and Makeup: Victoria Jacobs (@vikyjacobs)

Photography development: Marco Purroy Jr. (@mpurroy)

Production Assistants: Rigel Ferreira (@rigelfb) & Johan Grimaldos

Assistant Stylist: Arianna Gamez (@ariannagamez)

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