VAF NYC 2011


Friday 11/4 – Saturday 11/5


“A 2,50 la Cuba Libre”

Mimi Lazo Producciones.

Author: Ibrahim Guerra.

Director: Luis Fernández.

Starring: Mimi Lazo, Beatriz Vázquez, Daniela Alvarado, Karina Velásquez, José A Sibaja, Sindy Lazo and Luis Fernández.

Five ladies of the night get together in a bar and after a drink or two, share their deepest pains, miseries, hopes and frustrations with us. A daring play, hyperrealist and far from conventional theater, A 2,50 La cuba libre makes an incursion into a night encounter that involves the audience.

Drama (Spanish)

at: Roy Arias Studios & Theathers @ Time Square Art Center. @ 9:00 pm

Saturday 11/5 – Sunday 11/6



I.E. Producciones.

Author: Enrique Salas.

Director: Elba Escobar.

Producer: Anayansy Carrasquel.

Starring: Caridad Canelón, Daniela Alvarado, & Eduardo Orozco.

Relatos Borrachos (Drunk Stories) features several testimonies by people with different experiences related to drink. Stories filled with truth and a lot of humor that confronts a social issue that needs to be studied.

Comedy (Spanish)

at: Roy Arias Studios & Theathers @ Time Square Art Center. @ Fri 10:00 pm Sat 6:00pm

Friday 11/11 – Saturday 11/12 – Sunday 11/13



Author: Lupe Gehrenbeck.

Director: Lupe Gehrenbeck.

Translator: Gala Delmont

Starring: Jeneffa Soldatic and Sebastian Gálvez

It is the start of a new day… he reads the newspaper, smokes a cigar… she fixes breakfast, turns the radio on… What really happens when a man and a women talk to each other? What do they love each other for years? Love of two, love of each, any bolero could tell.

Drama (English)

at: Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center. @ 8:00 pm

Saturday 11/12



I.E. Producciones

Author: Elizabeth Fuentes.

Director: Elba Escobar

Producer: Anayansy Carrasquel.

Starring: Elba Escobar & Elizabeth Fuentes.

Elizabeth Fuentes and Elba Escobar come back with “El Cornudo 2” (The Cuckold 2). A Comedy where Elizabeth Fuentes addresses the audience on why it is so delicious to be unfaithful while Elba Escobar still believes in love and romanticismo.

Stand Up Comedy (Spanish)

at: Roy Arias Studios & Theathers @ Time Square Art Center @ 9:00


Sunday 11/6


B as in BEAUTY

Author: Alberto Ferreras

Director: Alberto Ferreras

Starring: Olga Merediz, Carmen Pelaez, Lilian Thakuria.

Everyone in the world, it seems, is either prettier or thinner (or both) than Beauty Marie Zavala. And the only thing “B” resents more than her name is the way others judge her for the extra 40 pounds she can’t lose. At least she has her career.


at: The Producer’s Club @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday 11/9



Author: Piti Español.

Director: Leonard Zelig.

Starring: Martin Peyrou, Indira Leal, Soledad López, María Núñez and Leonard Zelig.

Some parents meet at their children’s school to talk to the school’s principal. School’s over for the day and the place is completely empty. It is a beautiful spring afternoon, apparently quiet and calm, but everything gets out of control when ¡Manos Quietas! starts.


at: Instituto Cervantes@ 7:00 pm

Thursday 11/10



Author: Marcos Purroy.

Translator: Victoria Mora.

Director: Scheherezade Quiroga.

Starring: Jenna Pastuszek, Jennifer Johns and David Allan Howell.

A story of love, death and reincarnation. Red Wolf is a shocking and powerful play full of visual violence. It is a new and different interpretation of the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” tale, now framed in great Latin-American magical realism.


at: Instituto Cervantes @ 7:00 pm

Friday 11/11



Author: Gustavo Ott

Director: Alfonso Rey.

Passport tells the story of the loss of one’s identity and the subsequent misunderstandings nascent between people who do not share the same language. Eugene, finds himself detained. His search for answers becomes a desperate journey to comprehend beyond language and cultural barriers.


at: The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute @ 8:00

Saturday 11/12



Author: Lupe Gehrenbeck.

Director: Lupe Gehrenbeck.

Translator: Gala Delmont

Starring: María Mercedes Galuppo, Bruce ‘Master B’ Baek

New York, Chinatown, two lives: Maria, curves and warmth from Venezuela… Oliver, melancholy and silence from China… they have something in common: they are survivors, living in a strange culture… Oliver learns how to dance with María, while she learns how to love him, in 13 lessons, like only salsa would show…


at: The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute @ 8:00

Sunday 11/13


Author: Catherina Cardozo & Enrique Bravo

Director: Indira Leal

A serious and situational comedy about the personal world of four actresses and their partners backstage and on stage.


at: Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center@ 3:00


Saturday 11/12




Juancho Herrera: Guitar, Cuatro, Vocals

Ben Zwerin: Bass

Yayo Serka: Drums, Percussion

Juancho Herrera has performed in Venezuela, Colombia, and the U.S. bringing to audiences a catalogue of original songs, combining the knowledge of traditions for various countries from Latin America and the U.S. with modern funk, blues and jazz influences. Juancho arrives to a very energetic and unique blend of the true World Music. His vocal style has been compared with the likes of Caetano Veloso, Jorge Drexler and Davir Byrne. His guitar playing has been praised by artists such as Romero Lumbambo, Nile Rodgers and Aquiles Báez



Angel Tolosa: Venezuelan Harp

Luis Tolosa: Venezuelan Cuatro

Ezequiel López: Electric Bass

Carlos Alberto Cisneros: Venezuelan Traditional Maracas

The “ensamble musical venezolano” brings a new proposal of music based on the mix of the different musical backgrounds of its members: Venezuelan traditional music, classical, bossa nova and jazz.

at:  El Taller Latinoamericano @ 8:00


Sunday 11/6 to 11/13



Anita Pantin, David Foote, Lucía Vera, María Schon,

Mariana Martín Capriles, Marisela La Grave,

Pilita García Esquivel, Sergio Barrios “El Hase”, Valeria Cordero.

Nine artist, nine ways of seeing, different subjects, all in NYC, some have been here longer than others… but somehow you can tell, they all come from Caracas.

Group Exhibition curated by Lupe Gehrenbeck

at: One Art Space Opening @ 12:00 – 3:00

Monday 11/7 to 11/13



by Valeska Hernández.

Photographers: Constanza Plaza & Isabella Plaza.

Production: Gala Delmont (Translator) Ronald Rivas Casallas, Eguski Fernández

Video: Valentina Alemán

This exhibition is a visual testimony of the devastating loss experienced by the Haitian people after the earthquake and the humanitarian aid deployed by Venezuela. A photographic account captured by witnesses who refuse to forget the piercing gaze of a people who demand to be acknowledged and remembered. A visual representation of the Haitian people: doomed to resist, and who in their resistance find a space for survival and revival.

at: Galería Nuestra América (Consulate General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) Opening @ 7:00pm

Wednesday 11/9 to 11/13


“CARACAS: Norte, Sur, Este y Oeste”

Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía.

Photographers: Marco Bello, Marianella Perrone, Isabel Arteaga, Carlos Becerra, Héctor Cavallaro, Gabriela Uzcátegui, Reinaldo Odreman, Silvia Castro.

Eight Venezuelan photographers, led by the hand of Roberto Mata, offer different perspectives to describe a city that is full of images which are often times overlooked. It also captures the faith of the Caraqueño, the places where that faith has been lost and those others who laugh at Caracas as they walk through the sleepless roads of our tropical equivalent of Manhattan.

at: Caracas Arepa Bar @ 4:00pm


Tuesday 11/8



Happy Endings by Marcel Rasquin. / La Uva by Alexandra Henao.

She is the One by Luis Carlos Hueck. /La Playa by Virginia Urreiztieta.

Tio Rico by Alexis Gambis. /Lucy & Ricky by Jesús Rodríguez

Mar Blindado by Gerard Uzcátegui / Jesús TV by Gastón Goldmann

900 Pánico by Hernán Jabes, /Jagger by Gabriel Flores.

Ten award-winning short-films feature reality and fantasy, and Venezuelans unique capacity to find beauty, humor and hope even in the darkest day.

at: Tribeca Cinemas @ 7:00pm